You have no support or help

You have no support or help

That is the biggest mistake of them all. It is about personal ego that prevents most of the men to succeed in successful approaching to the gentler love. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who don’t want for the surroundings to find out about their ignorance and awkwardness with conquering the gentler love. They don’t want to appear weak in front of their friends, so they resist asking for advice. I was no exception. Friends went out and hung out with attractive women, models, but I had no such luck.

But it is not just about luck, it is about the knowledge. After all possible rejections, bad looks, and harsh words, you can believe me that I felt extremely ‘miserable’. Finally, five years ago, I understood that I had no idea how to approach a person I like in a right way. One evening I was out with my friends. In proximity there appeared a beautiful and attractive girl, and I desired strongly to get in touch with her. But I was too nervous to do anything.

Till this day I remember everything like it was yesterday. It was that time that I decided to end this and to approach to the problem professionally. I started studying the literature on the topic, and gained a lot by writing down experiences my friends, and their friends and colleagues passed on me. I studied for months and months, practiced learned, tested, and finally got to the core of it. Now I can talk to every women, and get her contact on a daily basis.

I had dates with many women, models, totally simple girls, miss universe, etc. I gained very rich experience. Definitely I feel great. I became very self-confident because not that I only resolved my biggest problem, I became a real master of the area. And not only in the theory but in practice also, because only practice counts, practice, practice and practice again!!!! In any moment I can go out with pleasure and meet the most attractive and wanted female.

In the handbook there you can find tens of strategies where there is a thorough description in plain language of how to overcome your fear of contacting an attractive woman, strategies for successful getting of contacts, strategies about how to deal and how to behave in specific situation, etc., etc. I personally believe that every man can be successful with attractive female. The only thing that counts is the right approach, and manner.


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