How to talk with her?

How to talk with her?

It is a very big and irreparable mistake men make with women. The mistake, that is, I’m repeating!, irreparable is to tell her love feelings too fast! Keep it all to yourself, tell her or yourself in your mind, just don’t say these WRONG and repulsive words. Be quiet! There’s not a lot of attractive women.

Those who are get a lot of attention from various male persons, who all try to get their attention. This kind of a woman gets many compliments and that is on a daily basis. Men talk to her many times a day. If we use a little bit of statistics, that is more than ten male approaches a week, and normally more than 100 approaches a month. The conclusion is that attractive female persons have a lot of experience, because they date with a larger number of male population than females that are less attractive.

So, the attractive women have rich EXPERIENCES! They know exactly what to expect. A thing that chases women away faster than you’d think is men repeating how they like them, how they’re beautiful and attractive after a few dates. All these chain-stores, washed out and million times heard words give women understanding and clear signals that you are one of those unattractive males, who cannot think of an original approach that would differ right away in all elements from template words stereotype.

Don’t say these rubbish words that will distance you from the person who you find likeable, and you want her.


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