Chemical Attraction

Chemical Attraction

Number One : Familiarity. Familiarity is the idea that you see someone in the same context over and over again until you build subconscious rapport, which is basically a connection formed on the basis that the other person is not a psycho. You might see someone repeatedly in the same place, or you might see them doing the same things often, and because of that you feel a sense of familiarity whenever you see them. You will feel very comfortable around that person and will start to form emotional anchors that are related to them.

Number Two: Propinquity. That probably sounds like a silly word to you, but it’s a very important idea. Propinquity is social proximity, or how close someone is to your social circle. If you are in a social circle, you will usually place a specific role within it. When a group of humans forms, the unique roles played by every member of the group tend to combine in a way that ends up fulfilling every aspect of both gender roles. There will be a leader, there will be a host, there will be a protector, there will be a provider, and so on. Now imagine that you approach a social group only to discover that all its members hate you. You try every trick you know, but nothing you do seems to make them like you any better. What are the odds that you can take a girl you’re interested in out of this social group? Pretty damn small. She will not be inclined to abandon her group in favor of you because the group, by collectively playing every part of both gender roles, provides everything she needs. It’s significantly more difficult for a single individual to provide everything a group provides, so it’s unlikely that she’ll want to risk joining forces with you and severing ties with her social group.

Make sure this never happens to you by A) knowing how to win people over (particularly those playing the leader and host roles in a social group), and B) understanding how to play as many different male roles as possible while within a group. If you can do those two things, you will have free reign to date anyone within the social group because they will not have to leave the group in order to date you.

This is the biggest source of potential dates you’re likely to find, so it’s absolutely crucial that you learn how to do this. I used to infiltrate social circles just to see if this concept is actually true, and I discovered that it’s not only true, it’s extremely powerful even when used entirely on its own, so take it seriously. Number Three: Chemical Attraction. This doesn’t necessarily refer to pheromones, because to date there has not been a decisive discovery of a real human pheromone.

A lot of people claim to have found a human pheromone, but unless there’s breaking news right now, it hasn’t yet happened. Instead, chemical attraction for humans comes from our incredibly powerful olfactory sense. In simple terms, the olfactory sense is the subconscious workings of our nose and the sense of smell. Humans are capable of picking up very, very advanced scents that are linked directly to emotions. Smell, more than any other sense, is tied inextricably with memory. It’s possible, then, to smell something that reminds you of your parents and – assuming that you have positive associations with your parents – will subsequently make you feel positive emotions.

Your olfactory sense is one of the only senses that completely bypasses your logical brain when it is being processed. You can make good use of chemical attraction by always making sure that you have good chemicals in your body. Work out, because fresh sweat is typically very attractive. Maintain a high testosterone level by doing things like eating a lot of protein, and don’t put on so much cologne that it hides your natural scent. Cologne might induce attraction, but it doesn’t necessarily help people feel comfortable around you so that you can build rapport.

I used to wear a combination of cologne and vanilla scented lotion, because vanilla is internationally recognized as a scent of comfort. A lot of real estate brokers, for example, found that their sales would increase if they burned vanilla scented candles in a property before trying to sell it. The smell of vanilla relaxes people and makes them feel at home, so it can be a very powerful tool for you to use when you’re attracting women.


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