Body language

Body language

Communication is roughly 60% body language, 20% verbal language, and 20% your vocal tonality when you speak. That means that it’s not what you say that really matters – it’s how you say it. When you are trying to transmit a message to someone via body language, the emotional transfer that occurs should have an effect on their body language.

If you notice that their body language is not sending the signals that you intended, then yours wasn’t right to begin with. You might think you’re saying one thing, but people are reading another. You have to take full responsibility for the messages your body sends, because you can have a remarkable amount of control over them if you study the way body language works. When you’re talking to someone, your job as speaker doesn’t end when the words leave your mouth; your job ends when the message enters their brain. Let’s talk about this in terms of attraction. The whole point of attraction is to know that someone feels attracted to you – the point is not to feel like you’re being attractive all the time.

While that is important, the end goal of attraction isn’t reached until a woman you are interested in is attracted to you. The reason you need to use body language to build attraction is that body language creates attraction subconsciously. Subconscious attraction bypasses your logical brain and goes straight to the emotional half. If you make her feel like she is attracted she will believe she is attracted. Body language can be daunting, because it’s such a big topic and seems like an ambiguous concept, so I’m going to break it down into two easy categories for you. If you understand how to read both of these categories, you will effectively be able to read someone’s mind.

You will know how they feel and why they feel that way even though they may not know that themselves. You can alsouse content to determine whether a person is submissive or dominant. If they are giving you messages that seem overpowering, they may have (or at least want to have) dominant body language. If they are constantly sending you messages that indicate that they are weak or smaller, they are telling you that they are submissive or want to be submissive. Read content and context to determine this, and whether someone is insecure or competent. The most basic use for body language is sending signals that indicate submission or dominance.

Decide what kind of woman you want because you will need to use body language that displays that you are the opposite of the women you are interested in. If you show submissive body language, you’ll probably attract dominant women and if you show dominant body language, you’ll probably attract submissive women. What does it mean if she is looking up and to the left? In theory, if she has normal eye accessing cues, she will be accessing her visual conceptual brain.

That means that she’s visualizing something that she has probably never visualized before. One way to test this is to ask “What color is the house that you grew up in?” Asking this question will get you one of two responses. You might notice that she looks up and actually tries to think about what color her house was, or she might look down because she has an emotional association with her house. Regardless of which way she looks vertically, if she looks to her right slightly it means that her recall is to her right. If she looks to her left instead, it could mean that she uses her creative brain to trigger her memory.

The other combined eye accessing cues follow a logical pattern. Looking up and to the right indicates that someone is using their visual recall, and looking down and to the left indicates that they are accessing their conceptual emotional brain, meaning that they are feeling something new or something that they are afraid of feeling. The last combination is looking down and to the right, which indicates emotional recall.

This is a very strong trigger because it means that you are touching on something that the person has an emotional association with. A productive way to use this ability is to examine a woman’s eye accessing cues to determine if she is being emotionally associative with you. For example, one of the biggest indicators that someone wants to kiss you is an eye accessing cue combination called triangulation. Triangulation, as you might have guessed, is a combination of three eye movements. When you are in the final stages of rapport, you might notice the woman staring at your mouth while you’re talking.

Looking down at your mouth will access her emotions, and then associate those emotions with looking at your mouth. Oftentimes, she will then consciously look up in an attempt to avoid seeming desperate, and will then catch your eyes. Looking directly into one eye and then the other will make her feel overwhelmed with emotions, so she’ll revert her gaze back to your mouth and then repeat the pattern. Switching back and forth in this manner results in her eyes forming a triangular pattern.

When you see this happening with a girl you should go for a kiss immediately, unless some other, more important circumstance is stopping you (like it’s your friend’s girlfriend!). Wondering what you should say and how you actually go in for the kiss? The best approach I’ve found is just to be direct. Call her out on it by saying “It’s okay.” When she asks “What’s okay?” say “You can kiss me, I want to kiss you too.


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