Be careful where you walk

Be careful where you walk

And Even more pick-up lines

– I saw you checking me out so I rather approached, because I don’t want to be scared at night, because of someone walking around my tent. – Hey babes, chill a little, there are some problems cooking here, right? – Maybe you’ll like me more when you see me for the third time. I went by twice already and none of you wanted to grab my butt. – Do you remember me? I was standing three meters from the stage when you stepped in. – Hey, are you ready to continue?

– Be careful where you walk. – Are you old enough to be working in a bar? – I take girls under their arms and say: Hey, where are you taking me tonight? – Cool scenes with a cell-phone, you put your cell-phone to her purse with your number memorized under answer, and you call her from another phone. – A cool scene for seaside, you come by with a towel on your back, you do half of a forward roll, you fall on the ground and lie there on the pillow with your hand under your head, and for a cool addition a friend tosses you a beer. – Your love for you is as a diarrhea, I cannot keep it to myself anymore. If a guy goes to buy chewing gum in the store it looks like this: Puts something (whatever) on, goes to the car, drives to the first gas station, buys the first chewing gum he sees, goes home. If a girl buys chewing gum it looks like this: Gets ready, sits in the car, did I lock the door, what gas station should I go to, who will I bump into at the gas station, which chewing gum should I buy, is my hair all right, what if I meet a guy I like, should I also buy some milk?

The fear from rejection, being something you are not, accusing yourself.  Laughter is similar to alcohol, it is a social lubricant. Eye contact is a high status, if you don’t start blinking in a moment, but after a few seconds. The cocky comedy doesn’t provoke laughter with anything funny, but with something that is of high status.

Laughter awards the high status and tells I want to bond with you. You need to diss a girl in front of your friends a little, so they laugh at her. LAW. But do that only once, or twice the most. The humor doesn’t come from a joke but from the character. Always tell the obvious that is known but not spoken about.


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